100 Years of Experience

With over 100 years of experience, Copperhead Chemical Company® is a leading manufacturer of energetic materials. The Company’s products serve diverse end markets, including pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, defense and consumer products. We supply some of the most well known companies in the pharmaceutical and defense industries.

Pharmaceutical Nitroglycerin Formulations

For more than seventy years, Copperhead has manufactured pharmaceutical-grade nitroglycerin.

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Energetic Materials

Copperhead is an experienced manufacturer of explosive ingredients for use in propellants and munitions applications.

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Preservatives and Cosmetic Ingredients

Copperhead has expanded its product offerings to include a line of plant-based, multifunctional ingredients with preservative properties.

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GMP Custom Manufacturing

Copperhead excels in the area of GMP custom manufacturing. A wide range of pilot and full scale production equipment is available.

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Who are we?

Copperhead Chemical Company® is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade nitroglycerin (glyceryl trinitrate) and diluted nitroglycerin mixtures for cardiac therapy and other medical treatments. Copperhead is also an experienced manufacturer of energetic materials used in propellants, fuel additives, and munitions applications. Copperhead has recently introduced multifunctional cosmetic ingredients and preservatives to its product offering.

Copperhead Chemical Company® is committed to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Process Safety Management which assures the consistent high quality demanded by the industries we serve. This makes us an ideal partner to satisfy your custom manufacturing needs.