Laboratory and Custom Synthesis

Our extensive, two-story laboratory provides on-site analytical services.

Laboratory instruments and test methods are validated and GMP compliant. In addition to quality control testing, we offer custom analytical services including material analyses, test method development and calibration of instruments and gauges. Our lab can perform tests utilizing published methods, our customers' methods, or we can develop and validate new methods. Lab-scale custom syntheses are also available.

Pharmaceutical Nitroglycerin Formulations

For more than seventy years, Copperhead has manufactured pharmaceutical-grade nitroglycerin.

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Energetic Materials

Copperhead is an experienced manufacturer of explosive ingredients for use in propellants and munitions applications.

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Preservatives and Cosmetic Ingredients

Copperhead has expanded its product offerings to include a line of plant-based, multifunctional ingredients with preservative properties.

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GMP Custom Manufacturing

Copperhead excels in the area of GMP custom manufacturing. A wide range of pilot and full scale production equipment is available.

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